Moka 360 Reduce debt faster.

Access a personalized repayment plan to get back in the black.

The smartest way to pay off your debt.

  • Become debt free, faster

    We’ll look at your personal financial situation and calculate the fastest way for you to pay down credit card debt.

  • Keep more of your money

    Your personalized plan will also identify opportunities for you to save hundreds this year by paying less interest.

  • Save easily for repayment

    Round up purchases and invest spare change or set up recurring weekly deposits to effortlessly save.

  • Take back control

    Manage all your debt in one place, and track your progress with one simple, automated tool.

Got questions?

Check out these FAQs

  • How can Moka 360 help me pay off my debt?

    Moka 360 creates a personalized debt repayment plan that will save you money and reduce debt faster.

    You’ll also have access to automated saving features, like roundups and recurring deposits, to help you save more.

    Each week, we’ll pool your roundups and recurring deposits and make an automated payment to your credit cards based on your personalized repayment plan.

    Our early tests show that the average Moka user with credit card debt can save up to $1,400 in their first year of using Moka 360 to eliminate debt.

  • How does Moka 360 create my debt repayment plan?

    We use a combination of technology and expert financial insight to create your personalized repayment plan.This plan will help you accelerate repayment and save on interest by prioritizing the most costly debt first. Our calculations take into account your overall financial situation, such as the amount you owe, the interest rates on your credit cards, your income and cash flow.

  • Can I use Moka 360 to make my minimum monthly debt payments?

    No. The weekly transfer made through Moka 360 is an additional payment that will help you repay debt faster. You’ll still need to make the minimum payment through your financial institution before the due date on your credit card statement.

  • Can I use Moka 360 to pay off other debt, like my mortgage, student loan, line of credit, or car loan?

    Currently, we can only help you repay debt from credit cards that are connected to your Moka 360 account. We are working hard to make it easy to repay other kinds of debt with Moka.

  • How much does it cost?

    This feature is included as part of Moka 360, which is available for a flat, monthly fee of $15. Moka 360 also makes it easy to pay off debt faster, get advice from a financial coach and earn double cashback Perks. Learn more about Moka 360 here.

  • Is Moka 360’s debt repayment feature for me?

    If you don’t have a credit card or if you pay off your credit card balance in full every month and have no outstanding credit card debt, then the debt repayment feature from Moka 360 wasn’t created for you. However, there are other features from Moka 360 that you can benefit from, such as ways to automatically eliminate unwanted subscription fees and renegotiate recurring bills as well as free expert financial advice in app.

    If you are currently in a difficult financial situation with multiple debt sources or limited cash flow, the debt repayment tool from Moka 360 may not be right for you. If you need help finding an alternative solution to get back in the black, please reach out.

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