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Moka 360 Spend less on your monthly bills

We’ll negotiate a better price for your phone, internet or cable service.

  1. 1

    Save hundreds

    Our team will negotiate the best price for your services. We help our users save an average of $250 per year.

  2. 2

    Sit back & relax

    Spend time doing something you love, while we negotiate a better deal with your provider.

  3. 3

    More for less

    We’ll work to lower your monthly fee and add extra features, without signing any new contracts or extending your term.

Moka 360 users are saving hundreds a year

  • "It was so easy!
    I wish I'd done it sooner."
    Dave, saved $286 / year

  • Got a much better deal! Thanks."
    Alexis, saved $240 / year

  • More money saved to invest towards my goal!"
    Steven, saved $792/year

Got questions?

Check out these FAQs

  • How much can I save?

    On average we are able to save our users $250, but sometimes manage much more than that! (We saved one user $1236 a year, but we’re on a mission to beat this record.)

  • How do you negotiate my bill?

    We’ll ask you to share a bill and answer a few easy questions. Then we’ll use our negotiation skills to make sure you are getting the best rate on the market. This means that you can save money on your bills without spending time on a phone call with your provider.

  • Is my information secure?

    Security is our first priority. That’s why we use the same security measures as major banks, including 256-bit encryption, SSL connections and strict internal security policies based on ISO standards, to ensure your information is never at risk. We also have a rock solid Privacy Policy to protect your data.

  • How much does it cost?

    This feature is included as part of Moka 360, which is available for a flat, monthly fee of $15. Moka 360 also makes it easy to pay off debt faster, get advice from a financial coach and earn double cashback Perks. Learn more about Moka 360 here.

  • What bills can you lower?

    Right now, we focus on negotiating phone, internet, and cable TV services across Canada. If you’d like us to negotiate a better price for another kind of monthly bill, please reach out! We love discovering new ways to help our community save money.

  • Will you change my plan if you negotiate my bill?

    We will not cut any features of your plan, lock you into any new contracts, or accept any temporary promotions that will increase your cost after a few months. We will always try to get you more for your money or lower the cost of your plan. If you want to add or remove features from your plan, we’ll try to negotiate that change for you at no additional cost.

Discover more money with Moka 360

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